The Sounds of Vanishing World - 1999
Earth (Behusher Chosid) trad. arr Kroke 4:58  
Air Kukurba, Bawoł 2:19  
Question (Bublitschki) trad. arr. Lato 0:43  
Time Lato 6:10  
Dance Bawoł 6:09  
Love (Lullaby for Kamila) Bawoł 3:04  
Fire Kukurba 6:01  
Water Kroke 12:01  
The Sounds of Vanishing World Kukurba, Bawoł, Lato, Grela 4:21  
Tomasz Kukurba: viola, violin, flutes, percussion, mouth percussion, wind instruments, mandolin
Jerzy Bawoł: accordion
Tomasz Lato: double bass, bass guitar, percussion.
Dariusz Grela: vocal, drums programming, sampling.

Recorded, mixed and sampled by Dariusz Grela at Grelcom Studio Cracow, January, April, May 1998.
Cover photo: Till Schumann.
Design: mquadrat/Michael Vogt.
This may sound like a manifesto aimed at saving things of value, because yes, in a world of unlimited communication and millenium hysteria, Kroke do want us to think about things that are really important in life: Earth, Water, Fire or Love, for example, to mention titles on this CD.
Last but not least it should be mentioned that this Kroke CD, like their three previous ones, was produced in Krakow. This city itself is a symbol of a disappearing world. Yet the city's long history provides its lively cultural life with inspiration. Kroke is proof enough of the vitality, variety and ability to innovate that characterises polish culture at this time.